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I read a blog entry about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s

$20 million phone operation to get out the vote in California. I was comparing this to our church efforts to hand out flyers inviting people to special events or services. Obviously, we are outclassed and outspent. The only thing we have over their sophisticated efforts is a faith that turns our manual transaction of a piece of paper from one hand to another into a supernatural transaction that the spirit of God is involved in.


Retaining the wonder of God’s involvement in our mundane activities to market His church is rewarded when we can actually talk to someone about the things of God. One of the blessings of living in Africa was the straightforward interest that all people showed about my beliefs and how I came to hold them. I remember visiting one of my Aunts after getting saved. Her first words upon seeing me were that she did not want to hear any talk about God or my new found beliefs. It seems that many people develop patterns of protecting themselves from having to engage in God-centered conversations.


This is my third revival that I am preaching. My next one is scheduled for the 29th of October in Phoenix. I think I will ask the pastor if he will include this web address on his flyer. Is this strategy going to be the move that will bring world-wide revival? More likely it will just be another mundane way for the word of God to supernaturally touch someone’s life.


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