Safford and dating

Sorry, I will have to wait on photos until I am able to download the new tool. Turned all security off, but still unable to download.


I had a wonderful drive to Safford AZ. Beautiful scenery climbing out of Phoenix to Globe. Bought some pinyon nuts from an Indian couple as I entered the Apache reservation. The scenery combined with the clouds moving overhead were breathtaking. I will have to investigate getting permission to move around the reservation. Some handmade signs made it very clear that you needed to have permits to drive down certain roads.


I am preaching here in Safford and this morning I was enjoying a bowl of cereal at the local hotel when a young toddler came up to me all excited because his grandpa was here. It turned out I was grandpa. I heard the mother telling him that I was not his grandpa. Nonetheless, as I was leaving he followed me to the door and said “goodbye grandpa”. It was actually enjoyable as I returned his goodbye.


I must have dating on my mind because I included my dating experience with Joan last night in my sermon. I attended a bible conference as a new convert staying with a young couple who had dated and been married for a month when I stayed with them for the week. They shared their dating testimony with me, gave me a sermon tape on dating and encouraged me in the direction of dating and marriage.


I returned to Wickenburg set on asking Joan out. At the time Joan had been assured by one of her friends that I would not ask her out. That Saturday as I drove her music group down to Phoenix I was determined to get close enough to her to ask her out. After the music scene the restaurant was crowded so we had to wait to be seated. Joan was sitting all alone away from the rest of us, so I thought I would go sit next to her. As I approached she got up and moved further away. Next it was time to sit at the table to share a meal. We were like to boxers measuring each other’s reach. She waiting to see where I sat so she could sit away from me and me waiting for her to sit so I could sit close to her. She won that round, but the good news is that I eventually tackled her and asked her out.


We had a special outreach in Mazabuka on dating with Pastor and Dianne Robinson. We advertised an HIV film, seminar and a handout on the 10 rules of dating. We had over 500 young people attend. The 10 rules are: Rule #1 Do Not Fornicate. Rules #2-10 are: Refer to Rule #1. It is and always has been the best advise to follow.


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One Response to Safford and dating

  1. Justin says:

    Hi Kevin!!
    GREAT to see you\’re back to blogging. "I want" to get back to it more regularly as well, but school has been burying me this semester. So far, your stories are very interesting. I love hearing about the Wickenburg and dating days. It sounds like you have adapted to the life of an evangelist pretty quickly. My parents really enjoyed your revival in Wickenburg and it\’s great to hear about the young black man getting saved.
    Your daughter was kind enough to invite me out to a her Annapolis friend\’s house (Kaycee) last weekend and we had a great time! Laura also came over to my sponsor\’s house and watched Navy STOMP Air Force for the fourth straight year! Laura is going to come watch a home game next weekend as Navy plays Rutgers so that should be a lot of fun!
    Well, hope everything continues to go well. I will be in AZ November 17-26 for Thanksgiving so I hope to see you then!
    All the best,

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