Wickenburg is the town in which I got saved. I was traveling through Arizona on my way to New Mexico to sell a house semi-owned by my traveling companion and go to Europe. We ran out of money in Augila and so I took a bus into Wickenburg and got a job working for Joe Nimitz of Squash Blossom Nursery. I planned on working for a week, getting a paycheck and getting back on the road. Instead, I was confronted by a young man who began to preach to me in front of his house looking out over the desert. As he talked about the things of God I knew this was my time. I prayed with him on a Wed. and the next night I was at an international conference realizing that what I was experiencing was taking place all over the world. That was 23 years ago.


I spent 5 wonderful years in Wickenburg. I had a ministry of driving a van. This was how I was able to get close enough to Joan to ask her out. She was the bass player in an excellent gospel band. I make it sound easy, but on the night I decided to ask her out I had to play musical chairs at a restaurant. She won, I wasn’t able to get close enough. Dating stories will have to wait. It was in Wickenburg that I got saved, got married, had our first two children and responded to the call to preach.


While preaching in Wickenburg last week I discovered another interesting fact about the town. It is the only town in America where you cannot buy a tie. I forgot my ties and went to every conceivable store without luck. The only store that had ties was the local Soroptomist shop and it was closed on the Monday I was searching the town. The other interesting event was having a young black man come out to our services in Wickenburg. The town is very white still. 23 years ago we were challenged by an evangelist to bring somebody to church, even buy them some pizza. Well I went back to the manager of the hole in the wall where we stayed in Augila before getting saved. She came to church with me and got saved. This young black man was the second black person to visit the church that I know of. This young man has a powerful future in front of him.


I also spent 5 great years working with Joe. It is nice to visit some of the jobs we did way back when. These shots are from a downtown job in which the old men of the town would set on benches across the street and tell everyone who would listen that we were the hardest working crew they had ever seen. We were a machine.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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One Response to Wickenburg

  1. Douglas says:

    I am always interested in Wickenburg, not only were you sent out from there, but I now serve under PastorTony Uriate, his Pastor Overson also has roots in Wickenburg . So I believe that faithfull prayer from that congregation has effect in my life.
    Douglas W Begg

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