Moved the Stone


We had a garage sale and sold all of our appliances and things. Most folks realize we are leaving and we are having a steady stream of people wanting a private moment to talk. It has been a difficult time. Each day leading into this seemed to trap me in sorrowful emotions. We need to pack the house, just found out I have to paint the inside, but that will be after a 3 day revival in Lusaka.


On the film front, today has been exciting. First we were finally able to push the big stone down the hill to use in the film. There were a few scenes that needed to be shot over because of different items showing up in the picture (person, reflection, mattress); well our editor Charles Chifuku discovered that he can remove these things from the picture. He is doing a great job. Hopefully, we will finish before our final day in Zambia.


Not even thinking about America yet, not sure what to think. Thinking about revivals and what to preach, but wanting more. All things work…

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1 Response to Moved the Stone

  1. Justin says:

    I see that you have advanced your lighting technology even further since I left. It has gone from a single bulb to being attached to a pole to now having a shade–very creative! It\’s great to hear that things are coming together nicely in the film. To bad you didn\’t know that you had to paint while I was there….you could have really put me to work…haha. Good luck with everything Kevin. I will be praying for you and your family!
    Warmest regards,
    P.S. Unfortunately, it looks like the girls will not be able to have lunch with me at USNA because of Laura\’s strict school schedule, but Brooke will still be able to hang out on the weekend for a little bit. However, if you\’re ever here when I\’m in school, you are all welcome to join me! My parents had lunch with me when they visited and really enjoyed it. Speaking of my parents, here\’s a quick update: my dad just got a great raise at work, my mom has decided to stick with the insurance company and is on her way to being certified, Kristin is getting ready to start her sophomore year of college (today is her 19th birthday!), and Nathan has just started the 8th grade. My whole family is actually coming out to Philadelphia in the beginning of December to watch the Army-Navy game so that should be a lot of fun!
    P.P.S. If I remember correctly, Brooke mentioned that your email address is changing to I will write to that one from now on.

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