Moving Ahead


We shot the last major scene Thursday night in a restaurant in Nakambala market. It was a fun evening as we needed to have friendly diners in the restaurant to help us with the shooting. Lots of chicken and nshima for everyone. The scene is a climatic scene, but we had two actors starting the scene off by talking over their nshima meal. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. I am saying that Sunday night after a full weekend of activity and will download the clips tomorrow. We will be starting the editing process tomorrow although there are a few minor scenes left to shoot. The crew had lunch at the restaurant with the script and they mapped out all of the shots. That night it was pretty much their night. There is an element of discipleship in working together on a project that seems very real to me.


This evening’s service was a testimony service. It seemed the testimonies centered around God’s faithfulness to provide. A recent widow described the first time she heard about tithing in our church. She decided to tithe without telling her husband. The money ran out and she had to organize relish for the family meals. She came home to the biggest fish she had ever seen, someone had just dropped it off to her. As I face my own unknown future with questions about my finances I could only wonder how things would work out. The testimonies all built faith about God’s faithfulness. Pastor Tembo ended the service by thanking everyone for the spirit of unity they showed by helping on a work day at church Saturday. This was followed by a series of prophecies, all confirming God’s faithfulness to us. What a great way to end a Sunday and start a new week.


I will try and add the photos to from the previous try now. 

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