Present Tense


The film is coming along nicely. We have 3 major scenes left to film. Tonight, we had to cancel filming because the coat that our actor needed to wear was being worn in Lusaka. I am surprised, though I shouldn’t be, about how much work goes into making even a simple film such as ours. The church has evolved over the years, so now the issue is getting all of the actors to get their work schedules to coincide with the filming schedule. The first time we put on this play we had 100% attendance in practices and had no problem sending 20 people south and north for performances. Now that would almost be impossible.


Life will be changing fast here in Mazabuka. The number of cars and people seems to be multiplying each day. The sugar company is on the verge of being bought by the largest sugar refining company in Great Britain with plans to double the land under cultivation and even build an ethanol refinery. I look at the young people helping me with this film, talented, intelligent, techno-savvy, and know that a very different future is ahead of them. The one constant that needs to be sustained in a changing environment is faith. At our home bible study that I attended tonight I found the passages on faith resonating in my spirit as I look at my own future.


Today Joan did a luncheon for the older members of the white farming community. It was something she has wanted to do for a while. She pulled it off quite nicely with a major assist from Audra, who received more than her share of compliments, and a minor assist from myself. As they were leaving and we were carefully guiding them over the uneven concrete drive, the comment about how difficult growing old was, brought smiles to all of our faces. I responded with “that’s what I hear” and the smiles turned to chuckles. Ministry anyone? The laborers are few is still a major and current New Testament theme.

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2 Responses to Present Tense

  1. Justin says:

    Hi Kevin!
    Glad to hear that the filming has been coming along so well! Only three scenes left!?…impressive.
    Conference was a blast and, as always, a refreshing renewal of my Christian faith. Arizona has been hot, hot, hot, (I miss the nice Zambian weather!) but it\’s been great spending time with my family and the church. With the addition of the Montieth (Scott and the former Mindy Garcia) and Doom families, the church has grown by a good 10 people and has some new vibrancy to it.
    Please tell Joan that my parents say, "Hello!" to both of you and are thankful for the coffee and cards/paintings (or whatever they were…haha) .
    Sorry for the first random comment above. I was trying to put a link to the picture in my blog of you filming, but it didn\’t work!
    ******So, for those of you interested in seeing Kevin\’s directing skills at their finest…there is a special album on my blog with 3 or 4 photos of the filming. (That way you don\’t have to surf through dozens of my photos to get there!) It\’s entitled, "An Oscar in the Making."*******
    Good luck with the last three scenes Kevin!
    All the best,
    P.S. Your friends are right. It is very difficult to grow old. Glad that\’s something you don\’t have to worry about for quite some time. 😉

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