Mark Looney Revival

We have finished a great revival with Mark Looney from Las Vegas. I think that I was not alone in that I was really looking for God to speak to me during this revival. It was that kind of revival for all of us. I came out of the four nights of revival refreshed and looking forward to the future. The only draw back was the power outages that move across Zambia each night. In our case we only had one complete service with candlelight. Mark managed through the experience quite well. We had visitors each night and we had people getting saved each night.


We sang, we praised God, had special music and then Mark preached and people got saved and healed. Hands went up as people responded to what God has for them. It really is true: “Anyone who calls out upon the Lord shall be saved”.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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2 Responses to Mark Looney Revival

  1. Julie says:

    Hi brother Kevin,You\’re building up the body of Christ in Zambia!When a person calls on the name of the Lord, he is save (Rom. 10:13), and God enters into him. At that point two lives are mingled as one. His history becomes our history, and His move is in and though us. Every time God comes into a person, the incarnation is repeated again. This is the principle of incarnation and can be applied to our entire Christian life. God enters into us and we enter into Him (John 14:20). He moves in us and becomes a part of us. The issue of God\’s moving in us is that it is no longer we who live but Christ living in us (Gal. 2:20). In this way Christ is lived out of us and expressed through us, even in our practical daily life. Therefore, the Christian life is not of our endeavoring; it is God in us, living His life through us.

  2. chibwe says:

    Hi pops! hows the evolution books coming? I keep meaning to ask! anyway I am thinking of updating my blog soon! hopefully! anyway I\’ll call you guys soon, i\’ll figure out a time! maybe this weekend. Love you,brooke

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