Bible Conference

We just finished our Central African conference in Lusaka. We bring over 50 people from our church and our 3 baby churches. There were 25 announcements as 10 of those were baby churches starting their own baby churches. One of our favorite pastors, Pastor John Chisha and his wife Hilda will be going into another country, Malawi. He preached at the conference and it was easily one of the best sermons I have ever heard him preach. Amazing what stepping out in faith does for a man in his 60’s. Our main speaker was Pastor Mark Aulson from Arizona. He did a great job. He was in the Philippines for 9 years and he was the last American missionary from our fellowship to leave so his insight was excellent as we reach the place where the time for the American and Australian missionaries “fade away” and the Zambian and Zimbabwean folks rise up to fulfill their destiny with God, just as has happened in the Philippines. Pastor Elvis Kayewa did a great job preaching also. One of my young men quoted his sermon in his testimony to the church. “Growing to different levels, different devils.” The theme was “Taking the Battle to the Gates” and everyone was encouraged to do something for God. I summed up the conference in my sermon this morning back home speaking of three words I consistently picked out of different sermons. (Pastor Barry Bayles actually used all three.) The words were encourage, impart and inspire. Each of us should have a personal ministry that encourages, imparts and inspires others through a personal touch. We had one minor hiccup. Zambia is a nation of 56 different dialects. The founding fathers agreed that rather than picking one dialect over the others as the national language they would use English as the national language. So we had no translator through most of the sermons, it was all in English. My baby churches were affected by this, so it gave me the opportunity to encourage my pastors to teach their churches English. I asked Pastor Bowman the leader in the area if it would be OK to insert this idea into my sermon. It would easily fit since I was preaching on a leader serving others. I have always enjoyed Peck’s definition of love: When you do anything that helps another person grow physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Teaching folks English, the language of government and business would help them to grow and proper and can properly be seen as act of love towards them. We sent Gift and Exhilda Chishinda into Shimungalu and we are bringing Pastor Charles and Bette Tembo into Mazabuka to assist us. So Saturday after the conference I went out to Shimungalu to arrange the time frame for the change over. I was very surprised when Mrs. Makungu came up to me and greeted me in English. I told her I was fine and asked how she was. She responded “I am right”. These were the first English words I have ever heard her speak. I believe that despite not understanding the English at the conference she came home with her heart not embittered but right with God and willing to begin the process of learning English. That is her in the middle of the photo taken at our Garden Party in April.

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