Movie time in Zambia

We showed the film “Flywheel” last night in church. As always, watching a Christian film in Zambia is one of the great experiences of life. Very few people arrive early, but many non-church members are milling about the area waiting for the lights to go off and the film to start. No problem tonight because we experienced a power cut and had to use the generator. As the film starts the benches quickly fill. “Flywheel” is a great film. The crowd enjoys the fat Americans, and they catch on that the main character is not honest. So when God touches his heart and he repents there is clapping and cheering throughout the building. Having never experienced anything like that in America it is quite a shock at first but really just gives you a great feeling inside as you watch the film.

My understanding is that a church in Georgia made the film for $25,000. They did a great job with great acting and a great story line. We have dreams in that direction. If you have any suggestions about good Christian films I would love to hear about them.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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2 Responses to Movie time in Zambia

  1. K. D. says:

    wow! I admire people like you who go to places like that and do good things. I often hope that during my life time I make even half the difference in someone\’s life that people like you make!

  2. logansdaddy says:

    Just keeping up with what\’s new:) I hope all is well there!…tom g

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