In the States

Apologies, yes, but allow me to continue. June was one of the most hectic months of my life. We were putting the final touches on the building. My main guy in church who was supervising all of the work had a job out of town, so I tried to rally the troops for one last push on the building. Painting, screens, a few corrections and a some plastic sheets. Things got done and I had a bit of fortune when Alfred Kagolo my building man had a funeral in town and used that as an excuse to do some of the things that might have been difficult for the rest of us. I took some photos and will be able to give them to our pastor on our return home in July.
Our daughter Brooke did an incredible job of finishing her school year by the end of JUne in time for our departure. Her blog, "Chibe", is a worthwhile read. We will be leaving her in the States to go to school at University of Nevada Reno to pursue nursing. That will make for two in the states and we will return to Zambia with our youngest, Audra.
We arrived in New York, rented a car and made our way through Manhattan and Harlem up the Hudson. We stopped at an El Salvadoren restaurant in Harlem to have an ethnic taco. It was delicious and the people collected money from all over the world so we gave them their first Kwachas. Stopped by West Point, but came in the back entrance and we were not allowed in and their was not enough time to catch the last tour at the other entrance. Went to Troy to visit Joan’s uncle who has an Italian restaurant. Good food, family history and memories for Joan. Troy, like so many East Coast cities, boast an architecture that shouted out prosperity at one time, but current trends can only turn the downtowns into trendy retail establishments. Beautiful, but not equal to the strength of the original construction. I look at the churches and can’t help but think that that strength and power of the past was linked to the strength of their faith. Will there be revival in the land?
One of the purposes of this trip is to get a sense of direction from God for our future. I visited and preached for Eric Krahmer in Syracuse. We were pleasantly surprised to have Joan’s two sisters show up at the service. We had a great time. Eric was describing their adjustments to the weather here in New York. There first winter as they were huddled in their house surrounded by snow, they heard a vehicle drive into their driveway. Eric bravely opened the door to check it out as the window rolled down and a men shouted out: "Just checking to see how the Califorinans are doing".
Rick, my brother-in-law directed me to a great used book store "Books and Memories". I bought some books on evolution. As we were leaving Zambia the Coventry’s came by to give a gift to Brooke. When our children had stayed with them a while back they got into a mini debate about evolution. Lionel did’t believe that I did’t believe in evolution. So he brought the subject up again. I know enough to state my case, but I certainly am not as well informed as I should be. So I told him on this trip I would get some books on both sides of the debate and we will continue on with the disscussion. So I was pleased to pick up some books on the subject. We will go back today, they are allowing us to visit before they open so as to organize some books to send back to Zambia via mail bags. After today’s activities we will be moving onto Rochester to see the rest of Joan’s family.

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2 Responses to In the States

  1. José Miguel says:

    Congratulations for the Mission of yours in Zambia. I\’m glad you liked the tacos at the Salvadorean restaurant. I\’m from El Salvador. I hope your prayers lead you to the directions your looking for.Best wishes.

  2. Valerie says:

    It is neat to read your blog and follow your travel. Keep writing and I\’ll keep reading!

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