George, a Good Guy

It has been a busy week. We have a young man named George Lisimba in our church. He is a big, stubborn but very likable guy. When he first got saved he was fighting with everyone. He had been in and out of jail and he was just one of those difficult people. Slowly but surely he matured. I became his friend and he became indispensable whenever we had a work project going on. He was a farmer’s son that could make things work. It was very rewarding watching him blend in with the church. Lo and behold, he got a job as a driver of the cane haulage trucks and is now one of the better paid men in the church. He is a faithful tither as well as a person who is willing to help others in their troubles. His father died this week.

 I went out to the farm when I found out and dropped off some things to help with the funeral house. I talked with Richard the eldest brother about what we could do. They asked if our young men could come and play some music at the funeral house. Richard also asked me to preach at the funeral. George’s father was a well thought of man. He had many wives and the normal rumours of witchcraft clouded the funeral. The future of the farm would be of interest to the competing groups of relatives attached to the different wives. George seemed kind of lost as I watched him the day of the funeral. I am so used to seeing him having to be involved in everything that is going on, that it was disturbing to see him sit quietly waiting for the funeral to take its course without his involvement.

 I preached about the future of the farm. What would happen? In the end, what does it matter is you have the most successful farm in Zambia and lose your own soul. I didn’t realize that Zambia’s most successful black commercial farmer was there as well as one of the most successful white commercial farmers. There were 650 people in attendance of the burial which was held on the farm. Richard was one of many who raised their hands to be saved at the funeral altar call.

 I saw George today, he let me know that the family had a meeting and Richard decided that the farm would not be divided up, but would be kept going as before by two of George’s brothers with oversight by a sister to make sure that all of the young ones have their school fees paid. George is on the road to recovery. He was attending to the thief who stole from the farmhouse during the funeral. They caught him in a tavern with all new clothes and now he is in jail. I will see him in church tomorrow and he will be back to work Monday.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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