Today and Tomorrow

Preached a “How to Win Friends and Influence People” sermon using the illustration of the Zambian young man who borrowed my book of the same title and then left with it for parts unknown. I am focusing on the power of the individual to make impact upon society. I am going this direction as we go in to our cold months. We have been doing character studies in the OT, and we finished with Solomon today. I noted his failures, and in light of his wives and concubines described his meeting with the Queen of Sheba as flirting with her and God’s gifting. This led into the importance of marrying the right person. The lesson from Solomon is that a Christian certainly should marry a Christian. Normally the young people come alive with any discussion of dating, but they were very quiet. There time of having to get serious about dating and marriage is getting closer and closer.

 What lies ahead. Need to put the finishing touches on the building. Need to get the couples in church who are traditionally married to get a national marriage certificate. Want to start a once a month business lunch outreach. Want to continue working on proverbs for life. Want to start scripting our play “James Tembo, Detective” into a screenplay. Want to continue to be active as an individual witness for Christ here in Mazabuka. I want to continue to prepare the church for the future. As Cecil Rhodes said as he died: “So much to do, so little time to do it.” Getting ready to return to the states for a short visit gives me a different head space as I face the day to day of life. Pray for us.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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