Lusaka Ministry

Joan and I had a great time ministering in Lusaka. Our car was being repaired so we had to take public transport from Mazabuka to Lusaka. We went to the bus stop only to find about 25 people waiting for the mini buses. We chatted a little, it turns out there were three people from church waiting also. Normally the buses go by at a steady rate, but nothing that morning. We waited for an hour before a police vehicle drove by. Officer Chookwa (still more on him another time) spotted us and pulled over. President Mwanawasa had recently visited Mazabuka and one of the perks of his visit were two new pick up trucks for the police. So Joan got up front and I hopped in the back and we were taken as far as Kafue. There we caught a bus into Lusaka. At the bus terminal we caught a cab into Lilanda. We had to ask directions once we got there, but we finally arrived about an hour late.

 The pastor was happy to see us as he said they were getting tired of singing. Pastor Elvis introduced us and I preached about marriage, Joan commented on the biblical role of women, we had rice and chicken, I preached from I Pet 3:7 and Proverbs 31:11. I really enjoy the directions you can go with these two scriptures, one aimed at men and the other at the women. We took questions which when they come is always good at a marriage seminar. Joan had a few things to say and then we closed and went to the pastor’s house to rest.

 I have a sermon that was written by Pastor Esquivil. I read it one Sunday morning while I was waiting to preach at his church 13 years ago. He gave me those notes. I have kept them with me to this day. The 3 r’s for restoring love in a marriage are respect, romance and repentance. I have experienced this in Mazabuka and in Harare, Zimbabwe there is no matching word for romance. The translator goes blank and has to search for a string of words to bring meaning to our single word of “romance”. This works well for the sermon.

 We had a very nice dinner at one of the church member’s (the Lungu’s) house. Then we got taken to a Zambian roadhouse to spend the night. Joan and I realized that all of these things were requiring sacrifice on the part of the pastor and his church. This guesthouse reminded me of the little motel I stopped off at in Aguila on my way to get saved in Wickenburg. Joan said it reminded her of the motel we stayed at for a week when we first came to Seattle to start a church. It was hot and noisy but we managed just fine.

 The next morning I preached and the pastor took a love offering for us. We then took the pastor and his wife out for pizza and chicken. We had to get a ride out of the compound and into the city, but it was worth it. Coffee, pizza, chicken and ice cream it could have been downtown Seattle for all we knew. That afternoon I preached on dating. I finished with an altar call to break curses of immorality. I felt a little off as no one responded. I turned the service over to Pastor Elvis. He has a quiet, dignified way of carrying himself. He quietly invited people to respond to the altar call and allow the visiting pastor to pray for them. It quickly became a bustling scene of prayer and deliverance.

 It was a great time of ministry and fellowship with the national pastor and his wife. It is nice to come out of these experiences refresh and ready to give yourself to the ministry.


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