Guest Workers

We had a great visit with Tom and Debbie Baker from Reno. They accompanied their pastor who was preaching in Lusaka to Zambia. They got to do what I think is one of the best Zambian experiences. They led two outreach teams to two different places. Tom preached the Wed. talking about the vessels that are in God’s house and how important it is to be a vessel even if you are not a diamond studded chalice. It landed well with the church. The next day we sent a team of 25 in a small truck to Magoye and Tom and Debbie joined them about 4:00. They showed “The Passion” to about 600 people. Tom preached an altar call with a big response. I remember trying to describe this experience to someone and not getting past first base. It is a humbling yet exhilarating experience.

 The next day was the big test of endurance for them. They took off in the morning with the truck and equipment for the city of Monze. We had about 80 people going on the outreach. They invited people to “The Passion” that night, had a meal (learning to eat nshima with their hands), played football and showed the film to over a thousand people crowding into the tent. This time he preached after the altar call as everyone was attentive and prayed for the sick seeing people get healed. As much of a cultural shock they experienced I am sure they will never forget it.

 After they left one of our men gave a testimony in church about the outreach in Monze. They started the outreach by going into the taverns around the church. Tom went in with them as they began to preach and minister. Apparently, Tom made quite the impact upon all of these drinkers. They went from tavern to tavern. What our man “Happy” was testifying about was that as the film started all of these taverns turned off their music which normally blares into the night. He believes God is doing something in Monze and was glad that Tom and Debbie could be part of it.


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