Lunch with Nellie

Joan and I took Nellie out to lunch to help her get past the funeral of Mwapesa. She has to be one of the best ladies I have ever met. We went to Mazabuka Youth Project first. This is a Catholic run restaurant to help people learn the skills involved in the restaurant business. They normally have your choice of chicken and nshima or beef and nshima. Nellie was sick of chicken. The church had bought chicken for the funeral house as well as her sisters who came for the funeral. We shifted to another restaurant where she was able to have some beef and nshima. As far as I know the only items available in the handful of restaurants are chicken, beef or fish and nshima. Nellie seems to be doing very well. Her husband was the man who collected from the policemen who send their children to their school. With him down finances had not been collected properly. So we were encouraging her to try for a teaching job with a school where the owner had come to our house after making some disastrous choices talking about needing new teachers. We recommended three people from church including Nellie. She gets outside funding so she can afford to pay a decent wage. Nellie will check into it.

 During lunch I asked about the cleansing of the house. I had let her know not to let anything weird happen during the funeral. She let me know that the owner of the house wanted the house cleansed just because it was a rental. I said OK. So I asked her about what was involved. They killed a chicken, then the Zambian and Zimbabwean relatives argued about whether it was necessary to walk through the house with the blood dripping or not. They chose to just eat the chicken. They need the blood of the chicken to frighten away the spirit of the person who passed away in the house so the spirit doesn’t haunt the house. The fact that Mwapesa died in the hospital just shows how much the action was just for show for the sake of future renters. Kind of like a church wedding for a..…..

 We then went for an ice cream cone. I asked her if we should get a treat for her kids. She asked for some crisps (potato chips). So into Konkola supermarket we went. I had bought some sardines for the funeral house communicating that they were for the family. I asked her if she had gotten any of the sardines. She only saw them being eaten from afar. So I started buying her sardines and some other things for her family. Each time I asked her about an item was not getting a gung ho response. I explained to her that it was like the dying king and Elisha when Elisha asked him to strike the ground with the arrows. She remembered the story and the shopping cart quickly filled. I enjoyed the experience more than she did.

 Update: Nellie got the job.



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