We had a great revival with Tony Williams. On the first night of service one member of the church who had missed our posters in town finally realized that Tony was the visiting preacher. She whispered to her friend, “The pastor has brought us a black man from America.” Attendance was strong all week with plenty of visitors. Many people responding to the altar calls for salvation and healing. He preached Tuesday through Sunday. Each night we had our groups sing, followed by Tony Williams and his gospel sound. The church loved it.

 Tony adopted one little girl, Eleanor, for his illustrated sermon during the revival. Needless to say this little girl was on top of the world because of the attention. She is an orphan who had been taken in by Mwapesa and Nellie. They were the couple that we were sending to Choma to start a church. It was during this revival that Mwapesa passed away. Tony and I visited the funeral house one night. Tony’s church had given him some money to spread around so he asked how he could help. I suggested that taking care of the school fees for Nellie’s three children (including Eleanor) would take a burden off of her. He agreed and the church heartily approved when I announced it.

 It was a roller coaster week with Tony getting some pictures of life here that most visitors do not get. It will be interesting to see how Tony digests it all.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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