Street Meeting

We had a street meeting in Ndeke compound tonight. We are preparing for a revival with Pastor Tony Williams. I am hoping for good things. We were to meet at Martin Kabolo’s house in the compound. Actually he is in the middle of building a house. I remember visiting him once while his wife was plastering the outside of their home with mud using her hands. This house is made of block with half of it roofed with tin sheets. We call that prosperity. We were to meet at 18 hours. I stopped wearing a watch about 4 years ago. I try to instill the importance of timeliness and I look for it in the disciples, but there is a different attitude about time here. We had to travel to Lusaka so when we got back I finished printing the flyers to hand out and my wife and middle daughter accompanied me to the compound. I showed up a little past 6 to find about 10 folks from church already there. To my pleasant surprise they were mainly the married men of the church. We prayed and then began our outreach.

 Ndeke houses about 10,000 people. My eldest daughter did a report on Ndeke for a school project the first year we were here. In about 10 minutes you can walk from one end of Ndeke to the other. There are 17 water sources with two spouts each in the entire area. We have excellent people in our church who live here. We came out of Martin’s house and began walking down the street. We had planned to walk in a square and finish back up at Martin’s. I started the street preaching as we walked along and soon I was replaced by Gift who was later replaced by Bwalya. We handed out all of our flyers. We spent a little extra time in front of the taverns that are always doing brisk business. My wife uses her Tonga speaking skills to the delight of the ladies and I try to preach like a street preacher. My daughter allows the children to follow her as she passes out flyers. The guys go at it, taking advantage of the event to talk with people. It is interesting to see how friends of our church members have attached themselves to our group as we finish up at the last tavern.

 As my family is leaving to go back to our car (we parked it at the clinic outside of the compound) we ran into all of the young single guys coming to help.

 One man sows, another man waters, but the Lord brings the harvest. God is moving.


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