Cape Town Trip

We got back from Cape Town Tuesday night. The telephone line was out. Took care of beginning of month business and took two trips down to the telephone company. They were on top of the situation. Someone had burned their trash under the telephone line. So things are back to what is commonly called normal.


After hearing and feeling the stories of life in South Africa, I actually started worrying about our two daughters who remained home doing school. Minus the stories, Cape Town is one of those special places to visit. We were picked up by Gibbs Peterson and his wife. Just 9 months ago he was pastoring in Philadelphia when he preached for us in Mazabuka and now he is in Cape Town. The first day had Joan seeing some sights with Marian while I took care of getting some parts for our PA system. I saw more equipment visiting two stores than I have ever seen in Lusaka. It was like stepping into another world. The parts were found and available and I was able to even use a credit card.


That evening we went down to the water front to see the sights and have a fish dinner. We rendezvoused with Joe Rice and his family. We didn’t come to buy things, but it was fun walking through retail heaven. We visited the largest music store in Africa. Once again it was just fun to be in the environment. The next day Joan and I went down the coast to the Cape of Good Hope. We stopped at a nice looking coffee shop along the coast as we made our way out of Cape Town going in between Table Mountain and The Lion’s Head. We sat on the beach watching the surfers. Visited a little farm set up for tourists. We enjoyed the views; they are very similar to the California coast between Big Sur and Santa Maria, except a much shorter distance. We made our way to the point, which consists of two cape points a short distance apart. Although this is the Cape of Good Hope it is not the southern most point of Africa. You can actually see across False Bay the coast line as it bends further south than where we were. Hiked around and enjoyed the scenery. We left and made our way up the other side of the peninsula. Stopping in one seaside town and had our anniversary dinner of fish and chips that was delicious. We stopped at another town full of surfers. It felt just like California, there was even a homeless shelter. That night we went to the biggest mall I think I have ever been in. Joan needed a pair of sandals, but with 38 shoe stores to choose from she failed to find the right pair that night. The highlight of the visit to the mall was the first cup of bottomless coffee we have ever had in Africa. The next day I preached for Gibb’s church in the morning and Joe’s church in the afternoon. That night we had Macdonald’s, and yes I enjoyed it. Monday we played golf, even meeting up with a farmer from Mazabuka who was organizing his children in school. That night we had good fellowship with all the pastors eating homemade ice cream and listening to Fox News recapping the Iraq election. The next day we hiked to the top of Lion’s Head looking over the city before catching our flight home. It was a great trip.


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