Disturbing Bible study on Samuel. Samuel, like many characters in the Bible exhibits the best in character, devotion, prayer and wisdom. Yet, he makes a similar mistake of his teacher Eli. He somehow fails with his children and we find the children of Israel rejecting any thought of Samuel’s sons carrying on after Samuel’s death. It makes you wonder how or why or just what is the problem and why didn’t he do something about it. He saw it with Eli’s sons, his contemporaries and his leadership. He saw Eli refuse to take action. He saw the results in the congregation and with Eli and his sons. He had to have spent many an afternoon convincing someone that God would accept their sacrifice despite the actions of Eli’s sons. Then, he goes and has the same problems with his sons. Disturbing.

 Samuel’s famous quote: 1 Sam 12:23 Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you; but I will teach you the good and the right way. NKJV

 Grace once again becomes an evident feature of God’s relationship with us. The pastoral example that Samuel gives us is one of the best.

 Preached David and Goliath. Take action against the Goliaths (fears) you face. There is an element of fear that I face as I preach faith messages here. The problems of life are little closer to the edge here. Go get a job and let God bless your life is easier to say in the states as compared to here. Yet, God does bless and open doors and we have all seen God come through, yet it becomes all to easy to stare into a future described by the devil as bleak and empty. The David’s need to keep rising up and slaying the Goliaths to remove the reproach on those that are captured by fear and unable to take action.

 It is my wife’s and my 21-wedding anniversary. We have cashed in some miles and are taking a short trip to Cape Town. This is something my wife has always wanted to do and I was able to organize in earlier this month when I went down to Lusaka by myself. So it was a surprise. Some pastors in Cape Town helped us organize a few things so it should be a good time within budget.


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