Went to Monze to pick up a man who was getting ready to go and pastor when he became sick. The details and effect I will leave for another time. I thought I would share this little fun event. Driving to and from church takes me through the compounds or neighborhoods. I went up to pick up another young man who wanted to buy eggs in Monze, and since I was going I gave him a ride. As I drive around Mazabuka I am constantly being waved to by the young children. I tend to drive slowly and safely through the compounds. It is difficult not to respond to the kids as they wave to you. This is a white person thing. They don’t wave to all of the black folks driving through. I think they wave to us on a consistent basis because we wave back. Anyways, I wave, but more often I give a thumbs up sign or a two fingered victory sign. Well while I was waiting for this young man some young kids gathered around the car trying to get my attention. They caught my attention and as I turned to them they all gave the victory sign and starting from the oldest to the youngest they proudly said “two”. Kids are great.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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