DNA Can and Can’t

I have put together a science slide show about the universe, the cell and the eye-brain connection. The final part is meant to illustrate the free choice in life we have. I will be traveling to Colorado next week to visit a few churches with the “one minute bible study” outreach idea. I usually like to include the slide show sermon when I do this. At my wife’s, Joan, suggestion I have been emphasizing in the last part what DNA can and can’t do. This week I want to make this a little more pointed. Right now I just raise questions about favorite foods and books. Now I want to say point blank: DNA determines sex (Bruce Jenner on Wheaties box) You determine sexuality (Bruce Jenner as woman).

Along those lines here is an article I came across at National Review entitled: How Is This Possible? ‘Gay Teens Have Higher Pregnancy Rates Than Their Straight Peers’.

Here are some quotes:

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: At a time when teen pregnancy rates across the state are at historic lows, the numbers for gay teens are surprisingly high. In Minnesota, these young people are far more likely than their straight peers to become pregnant or have gotten someone pregnant, according to a recent analysis of data on adolescent sexual health. That’s a lot of heterosexual activity from gay kids. Indeed, it turns out the numbers aren’t even close. Gay and lesbian youth were about five times more likely to have either gotten pregnant or gotten someone else pregnant than straight youth.

Life is never what the experts say it is when it comes to their conflicts with the word of God. If sexuality or immoral sexuality was not a choice then God would be unjust to judge. I think we have been lied to again.

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Prescott Conference July 2015

Prescott Conference July 2015
Spent the week at Prescott conference. It was great to see Pastor Mitchell preaching after his triple bypass surgery at 86. We shared a house for the week with Joe and Laura Michelle and their Joshua; and Billy and Brooke with their Julia, Roman and Malachi. We went down to Wickenburg after conference accompanied by Joe and Laura Michelle as well as Jesus and Audra Lea who couldn’t make conference.
Pastor Robinson had me do my “one minute bible study presentation”. I started off Sunday School with my science slide show presentation. I then preached my evangelism sermon. That night we went out for the evening service doing one minute bible studies for 30 minutes. We did 25, and everyone seemed excited. I ran into some college kids home for the summer who were all knowledgeable about the subjects of my science project which led right into what DNA can and can’t do. It was a good outreach night.
The next morning I had a recap of life with Mr. Jerry Perkins. Mr. Perkins has blessed me with his wisdom and insight ever since I got saved in January of 1983. He started the morning off with the thought out of John with the woman caught in adultery being brought before Jesus. What if it had been a homosexual relationship? The answer must be that Jesus does the same thing, “Neither do I condemn you: go and sin no more.”
Had a great time.
Here are a few quotes from my notes of conference sermons; this is certainly not exhaustive.
Pastor Scott Lamb: Point – Woe to those –house to house – drinking – iniquity – the idea that Israel has lost their ability to take tome out to seek and ponder the things of God.
“In our qufest for righteousness we can become like the Pharisees separating outselves from the evil society.”
Isaiah goes from “woe to you” to “woe to me”. He sees himself now as unclean, not gross sin, but he knows he is missing God.
“The man of God met God, the man of God needs to meet God”.
Gospel words can become just theological banter and we lose the wonder of our own salvation.
“Immersed in God’s word and never hear His voice”
“Contending for the vision of the harvest and never seeing the Lord of the harvest”.
When our lives and ministries displace God we drain out.
“We know something is missing, yet we power on sometimes doubling our efforts”.
“Over time amazing grace ceases to be amazing”.
“Tired, exhausted, critical and dragged down by an unclean world” – “maybe the problem is me”.
“A fresh vision, led to a fresh repentance, which led to a fresh calling”.
“It is not us verses; them it is them needing us”.

Pastor Paul Stevens
We need an entrepreneurial spirit; something supernatural that God has deposited into our hearts.
Enterprise – undertaking
A person who takes on greater risk is an important task that requires extra ability and energy.
Ingredients: make things happen, risk taker, involve others
Support, financial support, needs to be more than business transactions, it needs to release our genius.
The entrepreneur cares about people.
Sanballat & Tobias were not concerned about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall – they were concerned that a man had arrived who was “seeking the well-being of the people of Israel”.

Pastor Greg Mitchell
“Chop some Wood”.
Entitlement mentality: you owe me
I deserve more than them
Shot at leadership: “why have you only given us one share?’
“There is no blessing that can satisfy the desires of entitlement”.
Entitlement blinds – we see the worse in others – see ourselves as saints
1 Cor. 4:7 “what do you have that you did not receive”.
Entitlement: fear, unbelief, laziness, fatalistic
Japheth prayed: “enlarge my territory”; “Oh that you would bless me indeed”.
Enlargement is not about what you are given it is about what you do.
Pastor Sergei Golubev
Do not become the old prophet. Willing to dig new wells. Open to new methods.
The Old Prophet: success in the past, no “freshness with God”, office preacher, doom and gloom sermons, keeps others down, his own words condemn him.
Refusing to age

Pastor Mark Aulson
Oral Roberts on Merv Griffin: mocking: “What does God’s voice sound like?” Oral: “You know Merv”.
No one can get saved without the mechanics of God’s voice speaking to us.
Adam: “Where are you?”
Cain: “Where is your brother?”
“Word made flesh”
“His fullness we all received”
7 churches: “Behold I stand and knock if any man hears…”
The rock is the revelation of God’s voice.
Some people have cultivated an ear that refuses to hear the voice.
“Do not harden your heart” to the voice of God.
Still, small, voice
You hear what you are tuned into hearing.
Prayer is a two way street. Need to be still and know that He is the Lord and have an ear that can hear.
“My sheep know my voice”

Pastor Harold Warner
We need a “mind of a scholar, heart of a child, and a hide of a rhinoceros”.
“The challenge is how to toughen your hide without hardening your heart.”
Tim Keller: “If our identity is in our work, not Christ, our success will go to our heads and our failures to our hearts.”
“It is the delight of God to work on the heart with human impossibilities.”
Life and ministry can only be done effectively in the light of eternity.”

Pastor Ray Rubi
Supreme court – Spirit of Babylon “Let us make a name for ourselves”.
“Making impact in Babylon”
Why does Babylon have dominion?
Homosexuality mental disorder until 1973
Its not the 2% that accomplished this. Porno watchers softens opposition to same sex marriage.
The problem lies with the 98%
Roaches have always been around abut if roaches have dominion in your house the fault is not the roaches but you.
Failure to be salt and light
God’s people are caught up in Babylon’s triumph – we are behind enemy lines.
Talking about the Shadrack, Michack and Abendego
Personal standards set us apart.
God allowed them to be put on the spot.
The world must notice us.
We have to go through the furnace to have impact.
“Our stand for the Son of God today will reveal Him to the world tomorrow.”
Babylon does not prevail.
The plowman shall overtake the reaper.
Former and latter rain.
“At the moment of rapture there will be more living Christians than any time in history.”
“alive and remain” the living who are scattered around

Pastor Kevin Foley
Mt. 11 if these signs had happened in Sodom it would still be around.
“It can feel like they are winning and it can bring a crisis of faith like John is having”.
If someone had gone into Sodom with a supernatural ministry like what Jesus brought to Capernaum they would have got saved.
White house rainbow lights: “This is not your country anymore, you are not welcome here.”
Rainbow in Genesis is “bow”.
God is putting up His bow of judgment.

Pastor Wayman Mitchell
“A whisper of hope”
“The remnant is a seedbed of revival springing up everywhere they go”.
Phil 2:15 “without fault in the midst of a crooked generation”
Titus 2:13 the blessed hope, zealous for good works.
Need to preach hope.
Elijah thinks he is the hiding remnant; not realizing that God has purpose for the remnant.”
“God can take the field”
“The seed of God’s purpose resides in the remnant”
I have an inkling that we are right at the point of God doing something incredible.”

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A New Day

So even though he said it shouldn’t come down to one man making the decision, Justice Kennedy was the one man that felt marriage was not confined to just one man and one woman. Welcome to the new America. This ruling combined with Justice Roberts having to disregard the written words in a law and seek to explore the feelings that went with the words just about makes a thinking person want to throw in the towel.

The only Republican candidate that is showing any courage at this juncture is Ted Cruz. He is allowing for non-compliance with the law based upon Lincoln’s non-compliance with the Supreme Court ruling in Dred Scott strengthening the hand of slave owners.

Most candidates know what the polls say and well that is all that matters, right and wrong, are words from a bygone age. People have been amazed at the turning of people to support homosexual marriage. CNN polls showed support in 2010 at 49% and in 2015 at 63%. What can explain such a monumental shift in opinion? Facebook!

Well not Facebook, exactly, but a dedicated group of 1% of the American public know how to use Facebook and other sources of social media to advance their homosexual agendas. From Tim Cooke of Apple to the profile test a person takes to join Google, the message in the technology world is clear: homosexuality good, Christianity bad. So this small group of people were led by a technological vanguard in influencing Facebook and the social media world to win people over to their point of view.

They really didn’t win people over to their point of view they just demonized anyone who didn’t go along with them. How? I was in Ohio when the decision came down. The pastor’s church people were being slaughtered for saying anything in the social media world. It works like this: technologically savvy people know how to turn their one like into a 1000 likes. Over the last five years any post defending Christian values in terms of homosexuality would be inundated with “dislikes” and every story about how wonderful homosexuality was would be inundated with “likes”. One person talked about viewing a post where all of the comments from their friends were supporting a biblical stance on homosexuality; yet the “dislikes” dwarfed the “likes”. One homosexual and his robots multiplied out in a lifestyle that lives on the internet to further the cause and people began to believe that there were more people that supported homosexual marriage than opposed it. Most people go with the majority and that is what happened.

Once again the “father of lies” leads his people into battle. Christians tend to be honest and don’t think in terms of using lying robots to win popularity battles. So another step in an anti-Christ world has been made.

This momentous change in history caught me while two other things were happening in my life. One is the Sunday School we have been doing using Steve Nicodemus’ End of the Ages bible study. So here is where we are: The anti-Christ has been assassinated and has resurrected, the false prophet is encouraging everyone to worship the anti-Christ, the political leverage to force people to worship the anti-Christ comes in the form of a mark that allows them to buy and sell, the church age had ended but God was using 144,000 Jewish virgin males to preach the gospel, they have all been killed or God raptured them, because they are now all in heaven, first angel communicates to every single person God’s plan with a request to worship the creator, second angel announces the fall of Babylon, third angel announces the wrath of God on all people who take the mark and side with the anti-Chirst.

Next we will have the two last harvests. One finds those who reject the mark and worship God in heaven (Chapter 15). This is the rapture most mid-tribs and post-tribs point to. Those left on earth are part of the harvest of God’s wrath with the release of the final 7 bowls of judgment.

The division could not be more stark. I think society is beginning to make their choices in preparation for what is coming.

Rev 9:21 And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.

Each time I read this verse I cannot help but see America’s (yes, I see things through an American perspective) abortions, our addiction to drugs legal and illegal, the crown of sexual immorality being legal homosexual marriage, and our socialist tendencies to covet (breaking the 10 commandments) what others have.

So I see a hardening of the camps, one ready to follow the anti-Christ the other ready to follow the Redeemer Jesus Christ. One group lied to and manipulated while the other standing in truth speaking the Word of God in honesty.

The second is my running with “One Minute Bible Studies”. It has been such a refresher in my own life and the life of our church. I believe God has given me this weapon at this time for His purpose. That is a big statement and I do not say it lightly. Yet, I look at what God is doing in my life at this time and I can say with David “is there not a cause”.

Hab 2:2 Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.

Always looking for someone to run with: oneminutebiblestudies.com

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Living the Life

We had Pastor Dave Robinson and his wife out Sparta way to do a revival for us. He has been my pastor for 30 years. He and the Wickenburg sent us out to Seattle to start a church in January of 1988. He has been a pastor for 40 years. In our fellowship, he along with Pastor Mitchell and Pastor Warner, are the only remaining pastors from that first wave of pastors in our fellowship. He has consistently preached for us in Seattle and came to Zambia three times for us. I remember when he came to Zambia the first time I had been promoting him as the “preaching cowboy preacher” and was shocked when he showed up without his cowboy hat. This was a first. He is the real cowboy deal, still running cattle to this day.
It was a good revival. Pastor Robinson started memorizing scripture at Pastor Mitchell’s urging when he first started ministry. He still does to this day, so his sermons are shock full of scripture. This revival he seemed to be including many of the sayings of Jesus and it was a great time of ministry for our church. The church let out all the stops with a pot luck Tuesday night when we had visiting churches for the revival. Sparta knows how to pot luck.
We would take off on Thursday morning for Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg. We would be following General Grant as he won the war in the west. I had read “Shiloh: Bloody April” by Wiley Sword in preparation. I also had been reviewing my American Heritage book on the civil war from my childhood days. Lincoln’s quote about Grant, who seemed a contrary type with his superiors, was: “at least he fights”.
We watched the film presentations at each of the sites and toured the battlefields. I visited Gettysburg alone on a business trip and was overwhelmed with the sense of loss, victory and defeat. Most people I have talked to have experienced that “pathos” from the visit to the Gettysburg battlefield. Making the trip with three other people took away that self-introspection. We did Fort Donelson and Shiloh on Thursday, making our way to a motel in Memphis, getting in late that night. We journeyed down to Vicksburg the next day and made it back around 10 that night for some Stateline ribs. We took the river roads, driving along the Mississippi levees and going down to the river. Saturday had us going up to the airport in Saint Louis for the Robinson’s trip home. A great time.
We left the airport and headed west to New Haven to pick up Skylar for a few days. Skylar is doing well. It is doing him good to have a man in his life. He was not allowed to touch the mower in the past for fear of injury, but I would let him mow my lawn and he got right on it starting it himself and getting the job done. I was impressed. He did well with us. He is loved and accepted at church and he is still “my man skylar”. I would be forced to watch two Godzilla movies, but I made him watch the “The Dirty Dozen”. He actually enjoyed it. He outreached with Jerod, doing “One Minute Bible Studies” with about 6 young people. After he moved, I was amazed how many young people asked me what happen to him. He is maturing into a man and I look for good things in his life. We took him home Wed., had church and Thursday morning took off for New Philadelphia in Ohio to do my seminar for Pastor Tom Cunningham.
The week before Pastor Robinson came I created the web page: oneminutebiblestudies.com. It was a nice completion of a task for me. You can download the bible studies. There are lots of one minute bible studies aimed at doing the study to build up the Christian. This web page is for a Christian to put the bible studies on his phone to use as an outreach tool. It has been a fantastic adventure here in Sparta. I had already done one of these seminars for Pastor Paul Arps down in Marion. I tried to squeeze too much in. I did my science slide show Thursday, Friday talked about outreach and doing “one minute bible studies” and Saturday we outreached with about 8 from his church and 8 from ours and we did 45 bible studies with people in a couple of hours. We then had some hot dogs and I preached an end time sermon.
For Pastor Cunningham I did the science slide show Thursday night, outreach sermon and then a short outreach in the rain Saturday. He had 20 people come out for the outreach in the rain. There was a break in the rain and we only went out for 45 minutes but the 13 studies we did were enough to excite everybody. Friday night I use the projector to show everyone the web page and help them download the studies to their phones. His comment to me was that it was everything I said it would be plus more.
That Saturday at breakfast his church was sharing with him via texts their battles from the previous day on social media. No dissension was allowed as they were vilified and abused online for expressing disagreement with the Supreme Court decision.
It was a great visit. We go back with the Cunningham’s to our Northwest days and we shared several years together in Zambia. We have a nice comfort level when we are with them.
We came home to an overgrown garden and two weeks before our conference in Arizona. I think about the place where God has brought me, the times I live in and the strategies God has laid upon me and know that I am right in the middle of God’s will. It is a good feeling.

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Calif. Trip Part 2

My mother is an amazing woman. Without being disrespectful, she reminds me of our puppy Poochini. Let me explain. Every time Poochini sees our neighbors he instantly raises his life up a notch for whatever interaction he can make happen. This has ended several times with an excited Poochini being picked up by the neighbor or passing jogger and handed into my arms for his own good. So how does this relate? My Mom is one of the most graceful people I have ever known when it comes to socializing with other people. At the age of 80, she comes alive, getting to another level of healthy living, as she interacts with the people in her life. I have always seen this in her; but when the wife and mother of a young couple that are buying the house next to hers came by to visit, it was reiterated to me again. Always gracious and friendly, I was able to tell the young woman with her baby, that she couldn’t get a better neighbor, and her mother heartily agreed with me.

This visit proved relaxing and comfortable. We were going to try and squeeze in some restaurant time but just found ourselves enjoying each other’s company at home. Billy, Brooke and babies were going to join us Sunday morning for a leisurely breakfast as well as my sister Laurie’s fiancé James. James turned out to be one great guy. He is a rock and roller somewhat younger than me. He was describing his latest ventures into the mosh pits of Sacramento. He currently has fallen into a great place. The military base at O Fallen NV has hired him to provide weekly entertainment on base. He is now one popular guy in Sacramento where he hires the bands to play. Some conversation, Julia and Roman time along with some Malachi time was about all that was going on. My only chore was to repair a collapsed Ping-Pong table so that my Mom could stack her charity goods on it. Joan and I ended up working together making two tables with taller legs and supporting braces. It seems that everyone was pleased with the solution. At one point James was sleeping, Billy was sleeping and I decided to get some sleep before my big night.

My big night was to leave my Mom’s, travel up to Reno to preach for Pastor Louis Oliver and then travel through the night back to Laura Michelle’s house in San Diego. Why? You might ask. Because Joan needed to watch Joshua while Laura Michelle went to her next to last Monday of classes for nursing. Joan would travel back to Reno with the grandkids while I drove the rental up to Reno with a nice Starbucks stop.

I had a good sermon to preach for Reno; et least Billy and Brooke both said it helped many people; in fact it was something Brooke had said that confirmed to me that I had the right sermon at the right time. She had mentioned the battle of potty training Roman; realizing that the hassle it had become was a reflection of her poor attitude and what needed to change was that. The text was from Nehemiah where the rubbish from the old walls were slowing down the work progress of building the new walls. The first point was the need to clean up the rubbish of life. Spring cleaning does more than just organize things, it brings a freshness to life. The first step was to clean up the physical rubbish in your life, get some things done that needed to doing or finishing some half-finished projects. Fairly straight forward. The second point was the need to remove the clutter in your mind. Some different thoughts building upon the first point but when it was all said and done the conclusion is that the best thing you can do to reduce the clutter in your mind is to obey God in the areas where you know what you should . As the verse says “as obedient children” what a picture of clarity! The third point with conclusion was an examination of the “burdensome tasks” of life seen that way by the heart that was not right with God verses the joy of accomplishment in life as seen by the heart that was right with God. The conclusion being the “Why?” So why should we clean up the clutter in our lives, in our minds and get some clarity about the tasks of life? Because God has some things He wants us to do. I enjoyed the sermon, had preached it as much to myself as I had to them.

Had some good conversation with TJ, Pastor Oliver’s son. He will be heading for Madagascar to start a church this summer. What an adventure is ahead for them. His two teen age sons seem ready to go. We talked mechanics of missionary work, but really I was just impressed with the enthusiasm (filled with God) that flowed out of his spirit. Just blessed me!

Said our good byes after church. I found myself preparing for this moment for about 10 days. In order for Joan to accompany me to see my Mom; she had to be back in San Diego by 6:30 in the morning. Their services started earlier than I thought, so we were looking good as we started down the road around 8:00. We were looking at around 9 hours of driving. I wanted Joan to be able to sleep as much as possible since she would be with Joshua for the school day. Mentally and physically; I was ready and drove the whole way without any sleepy moments. It was a great trip. “A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul” and I felt accomplished and had that sweet touch on my soul.

Joe was at school adding certificates to his computer skills while Joan and Laura Michelle were at school. I slept and when Joe came home at lunch we went out and had some Sushi. That’s what you do in Southern California because we are really cool. I have to admit that I shocked him with the amount of Sushi I piled into the gullet. I am just enjoying my time with Joe. That night Joe and I would go to church to hear evangelist Kris Hart preach in the San Diego church. Good preaching followed by some prophecies. It all sounded good to me but I could tell Joe wasn’t as moved as I was. It turns out he had begun to endure prophecies from the same people after almost every service for quite some time and it had lost that special touch it is meant to add to the service.

Laura Michelle and Joshua had made both services Sunday but it was decided that they would take a break Monday night and we would all go to revival services Tuesday night. That Tuesday Joan and I had our last Starbucks in San Diego, turned the car in and spent our last moments with Joshua. Joe was off that day and went to the gym around noon so I headed up the hills surrounding their house. I did some exercises in the sun and then went to the trail head to start the journey up to the cell towers. Another man arrived at the trail head at the same time so we started up the hill together. He was younger than me so I encouraged him to go ahead if he chose. He felt comfortable walking with me so we introduced ourselves to each other and shared the normal facts about life. He was an American of Korean descent named Matt who owned two cell phone franchises in Dallas TX. What was he doing in San Diego? As he said, “just look around; where else can I get weather like this? Where else can I wake up and smell tropical smells like this?” He moved here just to live here and he flew back and forth to Dallas for 3 days of work a week. We talked about this and that and made it to the top and started our way down. This is when he said, can I talk to you about something personal since you are a pastor? We talked about his son Dean. Him looking for understanding as well as counsel. Me; sharing my own supernatural touch from God as well as some common sense thinking based upon Dobson’s “Tough Love”. He asked us to pray for him and his son. So I do and we did in church also.

After that we went to lunch at our Vietnamese restaurant and treated ourselves to the special drinks also. I chose the sour plum, delicious. Pastor Hart was preaching strong and ended the service with some personal words of encouragement to different people in church. I was included with some words noting my good attitude and God’s blessings upon the things I was undertaking, generic except I did have a needed great attitude and I am embarking upon this kind of “one minute bible study” undertaking. So it fit well and was quite the encouragement for me. Joe would get a word and afterwards Pastor Rice would say that so many of the “words” given matched the things he had said in his office to the different people. It was a good night. After church, Pastor Rice invited us all out to his favorite restaurant; Studio Diner. Had a great time of fellowship with Joe, Pastor Rice, his son Joey and Pastor Hart along with all of the ladies at the other end of the table. Was able to share my “one minute bible studies” thoughts with Pastor Hart. Home for our last night and our early departure from San Diego. Baby and Laura Michelle were sleeping as Joe drove us to the airport.

Got home, had my sermon idea down and written on the plane, preached that night and collapsed in sleep. Woke up the next morning for a 6:30 rendezvous with Corey for Ebony’s graduation and life hasn’t stopped since.

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California Baby

Welcome to this life Mr. Joshua Luis Salvador, first born son of Joe Salvador and his lovely wife Laura Michelle, our eldest daughter.

This wonderful event called Joan to California. It was more like a homing device that could not be prevented from its programmed destination. I was content to let Joan partake while I held the fort down at home and saved a few dollars by working. Then my mother called and requested a visit. I have been away from home for 42 years. This was a first. I do my best to visit but I was honored as her son to be asked to visit. I followed Joan out to San Diego after she had been there 10 days.

My arrival found the gang still waiting for Joshua’s arrival. I visited the hospital but really didn’t feel like it was my place. I retired to their home and enjoyed the San Diego weather. The next day started at the hospital. Joe took Joan and I out to a wonderful breakfast at Hob Nob Hill. They would have the rest of the day to wait for Joshua’s 9:57 PM arrival on Tuesday May 5.

That would give Joan and I the opportunity to spend some time together before the baby arrived. We had an early dinner at Pho Poway Noodle House. We were going to order the standard soups when the owner decided to take the time to share a bit of her life with us and recommend the specialties of her restaurant. Her choice of choices was a lightly breaded white fish that was as good as I have ever tasted. She also gave us a lesson on tearing up the leaves of lettuce, mint, basil and cilantro and adding the sauce and cracker before combining with the fish, or the pork with our other dish. So good we would take Joe, Laura Michelle and a sleeping the whole time Joshua the Tuesday before we left.

Vietnamese restaurants bring back one of our pioneering memories of Seattle. We had taken to South Seattle to pass out flyers along the Martin Luther King parade. Laura Michelle (almost 4) with me and Joan with Audra (6 months) and Brooke (2 years old). Heading home to Ballard I was describing cheap bowls of soup in Japan in my high school days. Joan suggested we try one of these oriental joints that were inspiring these memories. I had $10. We stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant next to one of the best bakeries in Seattle. I walked in and was greeted by the proprietor, a man named Paul, explained my ten dollar desire and he said come right in we will take care of you. Thus began our wonderful venture into Vietnamese restaurants. He always treated us well for the 12 years we were in Seattle.

Wednesday, while Joan and Laura Michelle attended a class to keep babies happy, Joe and I had breakfast at the Original Pancake House. We came back, switched cars, and met at the house after they were released from the hospital. Life with a baby begins. Joan and I went to Oceanside that evening where we did my science slide show for Pastor Tim Moynihan and church. He, his wife Sue, Joan and I had some great fellowship shutting down a small hole in the wall taco joint. They had to turn up the music to finally move us.

Thursday was a quiet day of life with the baby. Joan and I packed up to go and preach in Fallbrook before heading to Reno for Mother’s Day with my mother. Fallbrook is a baby church out of the Oceanside church. Pastor Eric Zeledon’s church had attended the Oceanside service and now some Oceanside folks would attend the Fallbrook service. I would be preaching an evangelism sermon with an emphasis on the Word of God with the intent of introducing the idea of “One Minute Bible Studies” to the congregation. It is one more arrow in the quiver. Joan and I arrived early enough to get a Starbucks. I took the moment to do my first “One Minute Bible Study” from my phone with two young men. It is in a Word document and I have bookmarked the titles and they hyperlink on my computer but not on the phone. Still exciting having one of the young men scroll through the titles while I held the phone in my hand. The service went well. I had started the sermon off mentioning that I had been a landscaper in Fallbrook 40 years ago. It was nice to be informed by the pastor that he wasn’t even born yet.

I had two people share some memories with me from my days as an evangelist. In Oceanside a woman came up to me and asked me if I remembered what I prayed for her. I didn’t and she asked me if I preached about garages filled of useless stuff that poured out when you opened the garage. Yes, that was me. She said I assured her that she would get married and 3 months later her future husband came to church. Now, would I pray that they have children since they hadn’t yet. We prayed. Then it was Eric, the Fallbrook pastor’s turn. He kept insinuating that I had said something special to him years ago as an evangelist. I asked him if I had said he was called to preach. He unbelievingly looked at me and wondered why I couldn’t remember what I said.

After dinner we went to a great Mexican restaurant with Eric and Monica. The deep fried avocado restaurant was closed. Finally, he let me know what I said to him: “Do you love your wife?” It turned out to be a do or die moment for him. How great it was to pray for his two sons in the service and then enjoy dinner with a smiling and happy Monica and Eric.

We got started about 11 that night to make it to the other side of LA. Uncle Knute in Madera let us know we could stay with my cousin Brett in Bakersfield. They let us know they would wait for us but when I saw the time of our departure we let them know we would catch them another time and find a motel for the night. Which we did.

We slid into East Madera for a visit with my Uncle Knute and Aunt Carol. They have a family reunion every once and a while and we are never able to attend, so I decided to make a stop on the way to Yerington. (I would sadly miss a swing to Las Vegas to see Audra and Jesus to do this). We had a great visit. I enjoy the comfort of their faith. They asked us to pick grapefruits and kumquats. We brought them home with us. I am eating the grapefruits and Joan has made kumquat candy, marmalade and a delicious chili, pepper sauce that we had on our chicken tonight. He had a boyhood friend who has a creation ministry out of Florida. So I will give Mace Baker a call about his ministry. We had a pleasant lunch and got back on the road.

He let me know I could continue up the highway to Yosemite and let them know I was traveling through and they would give me a time limit to make it for free. Things have changed; they wanted their $30. Plus the passes I was heading for were closed due to the rain/snow that had just touched California. If two Christians visiting could bring this much rain just think what could happen if we multiplied. We backtracked a bit and headed for 88 across the mountains. Things were going beautifully when I began to worry about my estimate of distance with a rental with a small gas tank. As we reached the summit towards the Nevada side my dashboard began to talk to me. First it was a warning with estimated distance and then it blanked out with just dashes. By then I was going slow and coasting whenever possible. The beauty of the mountains became shrouded in the fog of passing clouds. Turn off where I could or risk running out of gas where I couldn’t get off the road safely only to be accidently hit by a passing car in the fog. A little prayer and I opted to keep going. We hit a town that was not a town that had gas pointing in two directions . We arrived at a bar that was closed but it had a single credit card usable pump to the side. Can’t say I have ever enjoyed pumping some high priced gas as much as I did that night.

We made it to my Mom’s where we shared a turkey dinner with my two sisters Kelly and Laurie. I think I will break now and continue later.

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Nice Evolution Quote

I came across this nice quote from Creation.com.

A recent book asks the probing question—‘What if “evolution”? is just a word that covers up scientific ignorance of how the wonders of the living world could have been created?’3

The modern creation movement has highlighted ample evidence that is in fact more consistent with Genesis Creation than with evolution.

Having a model which accounts for and helps explain data is crucial to the scientist. This is, no doubt, what led Drs Steven Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge to develop the ‘Punctuated Equilibrium’ model of evolutionary development (in ‘spurts’) as a ‘refinement’ of neo-Darwinism. The same is true for the increasing acceptance of neo-catastrophist views4 in geology (contradicting Lyell’s strict uniformitarianism—slow and gradual change—which held sway for many decades). Such theoretical refinements and realignments amount to ‘true confessions’ by the evolutionary establishment. In the first case, that the fossil record does not contain the transitional forms one would expect if evolution had occurred. In the second case, that millions of well-documented, high-quality fossils could never have even been formed in a uniformitarian (slow-and-gradual) scenario!5

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