“Do Not Despair”

We had a testimony service tonight. Marylou talked about visiting her brother just before his wife passed away down in a little town of Southern Illinois. Her daughter Karen was driving her. On the return trip home they spotted a little thrift shop and went in. When it was time to go home; nothing, the car wouldn’t start not even a click. They had jumper cables and needed one car moved, so Karen found out who owned the car. The owner of the thrift shop knocked on a yellow door and a man in his 50′s answered. Without a word he spun his car around and lined it up to jump the car. Before Marylou could get her cables out he had them attached with no results.

Without a word he went opened the hood and started looking around. He opened the door and asked his son to bring something out. The son came out with a two by four. He stuck the two by four down in the engine and began to pound. Then he asked his son to get some ramps. They pushed the car up on the ramps and under the car he went. Next thing you know he comes out with their starter, which he starts disassembling. Marylou is beginning to feel insecure as the son is sent into the house again. Marylou gets up enough courage to talk to the silent man as he heads through the yellow door to find what the son could not find. He says: “Do not despair”.

He comes out with another starter and now they are both broken apart as he begins to reassemble her starter. The starter is placed back in the car, the car is taken off the ramps and voila, it starts. Now Marylou has to know a few things. “Are you a mechanic?” “No.” “Had you done this before?” “No.”

He lets her know that he is an missionary to Africa. Part of his ministry was to find things that didn’t work and make them work for the people of Africa.

I look forward to knocking on the yellow door in the town of Golconda to thank the man.

The car is running great.


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Just a School Note

A few notes from the substitute this year. In a music class I could access anything on Youtube but was not allowed to access Godtube. I was allowing the kids to pick songs and dance and sing to them (per instructions from the teacher). One kid wanted “Take the Wheel Jesus” from Carrie Underwood. The kids were making it happen and when this song started WWIII erupted. They know their rights and we had violated them.

I enjoy all of my experiences in the schools. One day I was taking care of some PreK kids. I was having them play outside and I was running back and forth with them (I had not allowed them to bring out all of the balls), but needed to sit my aging bones down for a few minutes. It was a cooler day and just sitting in the sun was especially pleasant. A little black girl came and sat next to me and the next thing I know she is leaning against me. As I look down into her face she says: “Grandpa, I really wanted to play with the balls today”. Yes, I am proud to be a Grandpa.

My year started with being an aid for three days for a young woman named Jada. Confined to a wheelchair, needing the drool wiped and fed by hand she turned out to be an amazing blessing. The spirit of the girl is alive. Those first 3 days of school were filled with every person in that school giving her a special greeting as she watched to see whom she would see and always answered with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. One hand could grip a pencil like we would grip a chisel. I tried to place the pencil in her hand properly and then used my hand to steady hers as she would try to write numbers and letters. Yes, her brain knew what to do and it was communicating it to the hand. I could feel her hand trying and with my hand on top of hers we could manage. Since that time I have subbed for the teacher for Jada. It was during one of those times that we were all matching words from a list to the blanks. They were all stuck. I looked over at Jada and asked her if she knew the answer. She gave an excited groan in the affirmative. I asked her if she could show the rest of the class. There was that smile that could light up a tunnel and we all got the answer “smile”.

One last recent note: I was subbing in a class where I was letting things get a little out of control. This was because I had earlier brought two of the girls to tears as I tried to speed them to finish the assignment before the bell rang. So I had loosened the reigns considerably by the end of the day. It was getting a little rowdy as they were playing with play money, the boys were robbing each other (yes with guns, sorry) and the girls were screaming in faked outrage. With about 15 minutes before the day ending bell I had them put the play money away but they were still acting very loud. I was hoping to just run out the clock when the one girl got everyone’s attention by letting them know that her grandmother had told her that God sees everything and they had better start being good. You could have heard a pin drop.

Peace reigned until the bell rang and I could take this getting older body home with a pleasant glow radiating from within.

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Netanyahu’s Sept. 9, 2014 Speech

So here is a speech by Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu that shows his grasp of what we are dealing with on an international level.

I had some foreboding thoughts going into this 9/11. It has been nice that there was no substance to them, yet I can’t help but think another moment in time will be arriving to our shores.

It was a global warming 58 degrees during our 9/11 memorial service.

What to think? I am not sure. What to do? Continue being that colony of heaven in Sparta that preaches the gospel.

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My modem might be going out. So until I get a answer from Newwave I created a hotspot with my Nokia 520. The cheapest of phones can do that! We had bought them when Instapundit mentioned a one day sale that allowed us to pick up the phones for the monthly fee we would have paid to get the upcoming apple for Joan and the Nokia 1525 for me. We will just be satisfied, what a way to live.

Which brings me to this article I read while being connected to my Nokia 520 hotspot. Victor Hanson does a great job in bringing his knowledge of world history and military history bringing to life Israel’s Gaza operation with comparisons with Sherman’s three marches through the South after taking Atlanta. Here is a quote:

The Israeli army was eerily Shermanesque when it went into Gaza. The IDF targeted the homes of the wealthy Hamas elite, the private sanctuaries of the tunnels, and the rocketry and other infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist state. The homes of civilians who did not have rockets in the backyard or tunnels in the basement were usually not hit, and that sent a telling Shermanesque lesson. Long after the international media’s cameras have left, Gazans will argue over why one man’s house was leveled and another’s was not, leading to the conclusion more often than not that one was being used by Hamas, either with or without its owner’s consent, while the other was not. But all Gazans suffered amid the selective targeting — as did all Georgians and Carolinians for their allegiance to a plantationist class whose own interests were not always the same as those of the non-slave-owning white poor. Fairly or not, the IDF was reminding the people of Gaza that while it tried to focus exclusively on Hamas, such selectivity was often impossible when Gazans followed such reckless leaders who deliberately shielded themselves among civilians.

Just as the leaders of Gaza brought judgment upon their people. We are impacted by our leader’s animosity towards Israel. “I will bless them that bless you and I will curse them that curse you”.

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I am down in Carbondale after having breakfast with Pastor Haynes, Vic Harris and Jaimie. I am picking up “my man Skylar” from his week in “Boot Camp”. After talking with Kenneth and his need of rest during his radiation and chemo; I did a sermon on, you guessed it “rest”.

I had an hour just to do a cruise of the internet following my political blogs, something that is becoming less and less entertaining. Yes, it seems like it is all bad news for Dems but that doesn’t satisfy. I have concluded that the problem with our nation is spiritual. We have an executive branch that is inviting the curse of God upon our nation by siding with Hamas. We as a people have brought the natural curse of God upon our nation by supporting abortion and sexual immorality in all of its forms. In this cursed environment more and more people are becoming distanced from the moral beauty of Christianity.

So reading Mark Steyn’s comparison of no border control to pulling guns on border crossing Boy Scouts just brings it all back into sharp focus. The issue of how these border agents treated these scouts will not be solved by a Republican congress or president. Something is missing that goes so much deeper; and I am sure that politics cannot replace what is missing.

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This quote from John Ruskin is from “The Optimist’s Good Morning”:

“The entire object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things, but enjoy the right things–not merely industrious, but to love industry–not merely learned, but to love knowledge–not merely pure, but to love purity–not merely just, but to hunger and thirst after justice.”

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From a Co-op strategy to a lying strategy

I have to admit that whenever I have heard names like “Catholic Charities”, “Baptist General Convention” and “Baptist Child and Family services, I thought it was the government spreading some cash around to Catholic and Baptist organizations in an attempt to co-op them down the road through dependence upon the federal spigot. Boy, was I lied to. It turns out that it is all just another 1984 manipulation of America.

This article explains what I am talking about.

A listener, or a media person writing in general terms about what they just witnessed would probably write an article like this, or perhaps like this.   Essentially giving you an impression similar to what you would believe having just watched the speech.

The impression intended would be that President Obama just met with a bunch of religious organizational heads, perhaps priests, pastors and ministers.  Along with “faith based” advocates who are helping to deal with the immediate needs of the illegal aliens, unaccompanied minors, and the larger “border crisis”.

You would be wrong.

To avoid my calling our President of The United States a liar, I will instead say President Obama is being intentionally obtuse, perhaps even deceitful.  Here’s why.

I’ll use a faith based media source to highlight the deception:

So that’s who President Obama calls “faith leaders“.  But there’s a problem, none of them are religion based organizations.     None of them have churches.  None of them have congregations or parishioners’.

They are the heads of government funded non-profits.  Remember ACORN?  Same/Same.

They are taxpayer funded corporations who exist almost exclusively on government grants.   Despite the words “Baptist” and “Catholic”, these are NOT religious “faith based” groups.   The name Baptist and Catholic is only to give the appearance of “religion” and add a dose of “charity” to the appearances.

We recently stumbled upon Mr. Kevin Dinnin when we were looking around for the primary recipients’ of HHS Grants and we came upon the 2012 tax filings of BCFS, or more accurately BCFS EMD where Kevin Dinnin is the principal officer and CEO.  Paid at an annual salary of $477,799+

This one group alone makes ACORN seem small ball in comparison.

Two days before this meeting with President Obama, on 7/7/14 Mr. Dinnin was given a grant from Health and Human Services in the amount of $190,707,505.

Yes, that is over $190 million dollars just before he met with the President.  In 2014 alone BCFS has received almost $270 million.

Catholic Bishops so far in 2014 $27 Million is another albeit smaller example, after receiving almost $70 million in 2012.

But the most staggering figure is what HHS has spent on Unaccompanied Minor Children (under grant code 93676) since the President’s 2012 Deferred action program began:


Border problems just become another means of increasing the tax burden to wear down the producers of the country, enrich those who are in on the game and bypass any sense of Christian charity in exchange for promoting the “hireling” mentality throughout the nation; while all the time mocking the American people who have no one in congress who will stand up to these people because the “game” has the total backing of a lying “1984″ press corps.

Just like Common Core it is difficult to stand for righteousness and self reliance in education when the big money starts getting tossed around. All of these children will become wards of the state, placed in homes of like minded liberals who will be rewarded with substantial cash for exhibiting the Christian character of caring for these kids crossing the border.

The test would be would they do it if the money wasn’t being thrown at them?

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